Windows and doors

Windows and doors

Windows and doors are fragile products which can be easily damaged. It is common knowledge that transport of windows and doors to Scandinavia requires a logistics specialization spelt with the capital 'S', which only the best can handle. We have transported tens of thousands of windows to Scandinavian countries in our history. Based on our experience we know how to take care of your products and make sure they will travel several thousands kilometers and reach the Oslo construction site at a specific hour intact. We accept full responsibility for your merchandise. It is as important for as it is for you.

Most important elements in logistics service for window and door frame woodwork manufacturers:


  • Rack is fundamental

A logistics operator who cooperates with window and door frame woodwork manufacturers is able to persuade them to use racks of specific measurements, or at least those which will match the measurements of euro pallets or their multiple. In the first place this affects optimization of transport costs. Non-standard rack measurements may increase unused trailer space which results in higher transport costs especially in case of full truck loads.


  • Fleet is a decisive factor in complex service

A multipurpose fleet means, first of all, completion of different orders and optimal adjustment to the load specificity. In this way, a manufacturer who receives various orders may be provided with complex service. As far as window and door transportation is concerned, a number of pallet holding positions is not a challenge as they always will be matched with the most suitable means of transport, be it FTL or LCL transport. A real logistics challenge in this case is an unloading place which to a large extent determines a means of transport.


  • Dedicated solutions

If a client expects a manufacturer to deliver windows ordered at a construction site on the agreed day at 20.00 hrs because this is exactly when they can close the road so that the truck with a trailer can arrive for unloading, a logistics operator must do all their best to meet the precise deadline. What it takes to have the job done in this case is experience and perfect operational organization with the sea crossing taken into account.


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