Social responsibility

Social responsibility of Scandinavian Express

We are aware that what we do affect our environment and its community. Therefore we take action in many life aspects, where we engage our employees, which support various institutions, subjects and individuals.

We actively support an amateur football club in order to make our contribution to young footballers developing their sports passions.

We cooperate with higher schools. We use every opportunity of meeting students to share our knowledge and experience in business run in different Scandinavian countries.

Together with our employees we run various charity projects e.g. we systematically support the Poles living in the east.


Ecology and Environment Protection

We wish to provide our clients with the highest standards of service, and enable our company to function optimally in a business and social environment. That is why Scandinavian Express uses modern trucks with EURO 5 engines which comply with the highest emission standards. And this is just one element of our package of practical measures based on the Environmental Protection System according to standards of ISO 14001:2004.

Every year we submit to an independent and external audit carried out by a Swiss entity. It is yet another guarantee of how reliable our ecological standards are.

Eco-minded measures we have taken include among others: any precautions aimed at preventing air and soil pollution and contamination of surface and ground water during transporting goods, fuelling only in the places designed for that purpose and filling up with the highest quality petrol, washing our vehicles in authorized car washes with relevant environmental protection certificates.

Our drivers have been trained to drive vehicles economically in order to reduce emission of exhaust fumes as far as possible. We take great care of protecting and securing any waste storing places, in particular dangerous waste. We do not pour out and/or throw any waste into water, soil or sewers, but entrust its utilization with special services.

Also when purchasing tyre sets to our trucks, in the first place we seek best eco-minded solutions. We only choose certified suppliers whose tyres comply with the highest standards and reduce mileage gas consumption thus reducing emission of exhaust fumes.

We advocate EDI (electronic data interchange) as well as optimize supply chains which allows us to lessen the impact transport has on natural environment.

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