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przesyłki drobnicowe

LTL (Less than full Truck Load)

LTL, or general cargo carried by trucks or trailers. A shipment does not require a full means of transport.

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przesyłki całopojazdowe

FTL (Full Truck Load)

Full truck load - this means the shipment will fill an entire truck or trailer. Complete cargo requires a full means of transport.

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przesyłki ponadgabarytowe

OSL (Oversize Load)

Oversize cargo, its measurements are beyond legal norms of driving on public roads. Oversize load shipment is considered to exceed standard measurements of a truck unit in a given country.

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logistyka kontraktowa


Freight contract means delivering and storing your product along with formal and legal service, including customs clearance. It comprises freight forwarding, transportation, storing and related services supporting flow of goods between supply chain links.

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spedycja morska


Maritime freight forwarding arranges shipments based on maritime transportation combined with cargo handling at a seaport and land transportation.

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