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Why does it pay to run business in Poland?


  • According to the European Attractiveness Survey 2014 prepared by E&Y, Poland is the most attractive country for investment in Central and Eastern Europe.
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  • According to UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2014 Poland will be in the next two years, 5th in Europe, and the world’s 13th most attractive economy. The report confirms Poland’s strong position at the international investment scene.

What do you need to know when setting up a business
in Poland?



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A great set of credentials

Poland is good at manufacturing and has high productivity levels compared with EU benchmarks. Polish exporters are becoming increasingly competitive in global markets.

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Trade winds

Poland is a large market in its own right and is often seen as a convenient export platform both for Europe and Eastern Europe. 82% of Polish exports currently go to highly industrialized countries (OECD), about 79% of exports are sent to the EU, whereas 64% of imports are from the EU.

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Key sectors for international trade

Top Polish export products are: electronics, mechanical and transport equipment, steel and base metals, plastics, rubber and chemical products, food products (meat, dairy products), furniture, white goods.

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Increasingly attractive destination

Well qualified workforce and optimistic economic indicators, the ‘traditional’ pluses of Poland which are mentioned by investors are:

  • competitive labor costs,
  • loyal labor workers,
  • strategic location on transit routes,
  • a large internal market,
  • efficient incentives.


    For this reason companies exporting their goods to Poland need a trustworthy and reliable partner. A partner who will cooperate with a view to maximizing your business effect. A partner who is familiar with the Polish market on one hand, and on the other thinks in terms of your profit.


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