Precast concrete units

Precast concrete units

You manufacture precast concrete units and are looking for a reliable logistics operator who will provide support in Scandinavian destinations. There are more and more logistics operators on the market offering their services to precast concrete units business. Many of them claim to provide top quality service or compete for customers with the lowest possible price. How to choose a haulier our precious building contract will be safe with? Please consider the following:

  • Experience in Scandinavia

One needs to be familiar not only with difficult geographic conditions and bitter and harsh climate - especially northern Sweden and Norway in wintertime, but also with different social, legal and cultural factors.

  • Guarantee of transport security

Security of your shipment is your top priority; therefore check your haulier paying special attention to risk minimizing solutions they offer. These should include information on a number of complete and successful deliveries over a specific period of time, experienced drivers, modern equipment, or experience in given destinations.

  • Expertise in construction business

A logistics operator should be familiar with principles and conditions of the construction business. Such knowledge may prove invaluable when securing construction elements such as pillars, reinforced or prestressed concrete ceilings, or when positioning the vehicle for unloading at a construction site..

  • Multipurpose fleet

It enables to complete various orders and optimal suitability to the specificity of the cargo. In this way a haulier may provide a client with a complex service taking care of different loads - including oversize cargo.


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