Paper rolls logistics is mainly an FTL/door-to-door type service which requires great precision and specialized equipment. Deliveries of this sensitive-to-damage product are subject to time pressure, and the fact that paper manufacturers are located in northern parts of Sweden or Norway make shipment pick-ups more difficult.

Transport case

In 2011 we transported over 5.5 thousand of paper rolls in total from northern Sweden and Norway to clients based in Poland, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria - not even one case of damage was reported! Paper rolls we transported would fill two full-size football pitches, and if placed in a single line, they would make over a six-kilometer wall.

With such an immense task in hand, prompt and timely completion of orders required additional security applications like corner gussets and heavy-duty trailers to operate with grapple stackers on. We had a regular ferry crossing service at our disposal which facilitated timely deliveries across the Baltic Sea.

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