The Tricity Race 2013 - this edition ONLY for sea dogs!

14.10.2013 10:05

On Saturday 12th October, the third edition of the SCANDINAVIAN
EXPRESS TRICITY RACE 2013 took place in the Diamant 3000 class.  Five vessels with 5-person crews participated
in the regatta. Just like every year, the sailing event was held in the waters
of Gdansk Bay along the following route: Sopot Marina – Gdańsk Port – Gdynia
Port – Sopot Marina.

This year’s regatta gave its participants a fair dose of adrenalin. Despite the
fact that warm and sunny weather had been forecast for this time, we were
greeted in the morning by a strong wind and heavy clouds. Still our skippers
agreed that those were ideal conditions for sailing. Soon, it turned out that
what the skippers called ‘ideal conditions’ proved to be a true survival
challenge, a battle not only against the wind, the cold and the waves flooding
the deck from all sides, but also against one’s human organism demanding its
return to the shore.  

The Ferrari crew was unrivaled from the start and after only 3 hours easily won
the race. We would like to congratulate the whole crew.

After this thrilling part of the day, filled with excitement on the one hand
but also extremely tiring, we went for a meal at a restaurant on Sopot Pier.

would like to thank everyone for such a wonderful time. Congratulations not
only to the winners! Those who are eager to experience more are welcome to join
us next year!

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