The minimum wage in Norway

23.06.2015 13:55

The Norwegian Committee of Disseminated
Collective Agreements (Tariffnemnda) with 1st July 2015 enacted in Norway
introduction about the minimum wage for professional drivers in the amount of
158.32 NOK / hour.

The minimum wage will apply to Norwegian
and foreign truck drivers including cabotage and / or transports to / from
Norway, for which the place of loading and / or unloading is Norway.

Beyond of the hourly rates, drivers receive
a diet, according to Norwegian tax-free rates (currently it is 307 NOK / per

Patryk Szymański Wiceprezes Scandinavian Express

“The issue of introducing a minimum wage has
been widely commented on the media and raises a lot of doubts and controversy
among Polish carriers , because the new regulations in an administrative way
raise the operating costs of transport services in Norway. The fact is also that
the new regulations have been introduced by Norwegian administration in a hurry
without prior notice or preparation of a clear interpretation reading their application”
– says Patryk Szymański, Vice-chairman Scandinavian Express.

this time Scandinavian Express as a logistics operator , with more than 20
years specialized in the Scandinavian markets , is working intensively on optimal
solutions allowing to adopt legal changes implemented by the relevant

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