The first OpenBOX trailers in Poland

12.02.2014 8:47

Scandinavian Express has purchased OpenBOX trailers – a result of cooperation between the German manufacturer Krone (chassis) and the French company, Libner (curtainside).

The advantage of the innovative OpenBOX solution is the possibility to slide back the entire curtainside of the trailers including the rear doors, as a result of which a standard trailer turns into a platform (flat trailer). This type of trailer allows for the transportation of all kinds of loads, including standard cargo for curtain semitrailers as well as unusual, over-sized loads and ISO marine containers.

Open Box trailer
An additional advantage is the facilitated loading and unloading of standard cargo – unlike with typical curtain trailers in which after opening the roof and both sides, the side and roof rails for tarpaulin covers remain and thus significantly impede unloading of such types of cargo as steel structures, reinforcement mesh, concrete elements and so on.

OpenBOX trailers are equipped with holes for the stanchions and container handles (possibility of loading two 20-foot containers or one 40-foot container). The technical capacity of these semi-trailers with a 3-axis tractor is 34t. According to the information provided by both producers, they are the first semi-trailers of this type supplied to the Polish market.

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