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01.03.2022 17:53
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Ladies and gentlemen, 
In the face of the unimaginable tragedy that is currently being endured by the people of Ukraine, we turn to you, as our business partners with whom we share complete trust and long-term cooperation, for support in bringing real help to the sufferings of the innocent victims from this country.
Many of you, likeminded as ourselves are privately seeking ways to get actively involved in offering direct help – as much as possible.
Every effort given to show your support to the families that are literally being forced apart will be greatly needed in the days to come. No husband should have to send his wife and children to another nation for their safety and no mother should see her son, armed walking away to protect a freedom under serious threat.
As a company, we have chosen to assist the Ukrainian heroes desperately fighting for their sovereignty, which in our opinion is most needed and well within the scope of our capabilities – to provide basic medical essentials in the form of frontline first aid kits for Ukraine’s military personnel.
We will deliver them with our transport to a location in Poland indicated and agreed with the Ukrainian organisers, from where the Ukrainian transport will take delivery and distribute to where it is most needed.
We hope that, at least in this way, we are able to support them in the face of this inhuman and unlawful tragedy.
We are placing an order of 1000 such first aid kits, each costing in the region of approximately 25EUR.
We would kindly ask for your support in our relief efforts and inform us about the number of first aid kits you would be willing to help finance. Then, the resulting amount will be re-invoiced to your company, with the annotation:
‘Humanitarian aid for Ukraine’.
We will be grateful for your support in this proposal, no more so than the brave men, women and children of Ukraine.
We wish you and everyone you care for peace and strength in this worrying and difficult time – particularly for Ukraine, but the affects being felt across a multitude of borders.
 Yours sincerely
 Scandinavian Express

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