SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS Tricity Race Regatta becomes tradition!

24.09.2012 10:11

On 22nd September, 2012 yet another series of SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS TRICITY RACE 2012 regatta was held in Diamant 3000 class. The event took place on the waters of the Gdańsk Bay on the last-year’s course Sopot Marina – Port of Gdańsk – Port of Gdynia – Sopot Marina. That created a marvelous opportunity to practice the art of sailing for both our Clients as well as all Scandinavian Express crew.
The very morning in the Sopot Marina welcomed us with strong wind and cloudy sky but, as the most experienced skippers asserted, ‘any weather is perfect for sailing’. Hungry for competition and victory we set out on the course still unaware of how much new experience we would gain due to such demanding weather conditions.  
After 5-hours battle with the wind, in spite of decided advantage of the Gagenau team throughout the majority of the race, the regatta was won by the BMW team:

Emilia Olszewska (VISTAL)
Małgorzata Jabłońska (VISTAL)
Marzena Gniedziejko (SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS)

The Gagenau team still remains the ethical winner as they came 2nd despite huge technical problems they experienced during the race.
Equally happy and exhausted, after the race, we headed for a restaurant located on the Sopot pier where we enjoyed a fantastic evening remembering the hardships of the cruise with some warming up drinks in our hands and relaxing music playing in the background.
We would like to thank everybody for great fun and congratulate all winners on their success!

SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS acknowledges its love for sailing becoming the official proud sponsor of Sopot Baltic Dragon Challenge Race to be held from 27th to 30th September 2012 in the Sopot Marina. For more information concerning the event go to

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