SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS increases protection of its brand

16.02.2012 10:01

Trade mark is an essential means of communication with the customer. It serves not only to identify particular company, product or service, but also to form brand credibility and confidence among customers. Therefore legal protection of trade mark is of great importance for the company. Especially in a strongly competitive market of logistics services which, unfortunately both in Poland and abroad, constantly meets unfair competition acts.
The Scandinavian Express trade mark was registered in the Patent Office of The Republic of Poland so far. Certificate of Protection guaranteed the direct legal protection within area of The Republic of Poland.

scandinavian express

On February 1st 2012, company obtained the Certificate of a Community Trade Mark (CTM) issued by the EU Office for Harmonization in the Community in Alicante (OHIM), thereby extending the legal protection of the Scandinavian Express trade mark within the area of European Union and associated countries.

Community Trade Mark has a unitary character and causes the same legal effect across the whole EU. Registration of the Community Trade Mark is a major step in Scandinavian Express business strategy assuming brand strengthening in the European arena and further expansion into the Community market.

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