Record training for Drivers and Transport Subcontractors

05.01.2012 11:14

This time, Drivers together with their companions, were invited to the Mistral Sport Hotel in Gniewino – an official accommodation and training centre for the Spanish national team during the EURO 2012.

Training topics were practical and useful: working time rules for drivers, the latest changes in transport regulations, operation of vehicles, on-board computer service, rules of the arrangement and cargo protection, procedures for dealing with emergency situations. At the end – presentation of company plans and intentions for the new year as well as- fierce as usual – discussion panel.

Exercises and scenes involving drivers aroused huge interest among participants. Nothing does not help to assimilate knowledge as the opportunity of individual exercises related to a particular situation. The whole training ended with distribution of a new , more practical and interesting version of driver’s manual.

Inherent in our business, as a logistics provider specializing in Scandinavian market, is crossing the Baltic Sea. Due to the fact that drivers spend their large part of work on ferries, one of the new initiative presented during the training was monitoring of ferry line services quality. Research survey on cabin’s standards, cleanliness, quality of food and service on a particular ferries was conducted among participants. The Board intends to share the results with shipowners and their representatives responsible for the quality of services offered.

During the Gentelmen’s training, in a pleasant atmosphere Ladies had a chance to recover the harmony, regenerate vital strengths and relax using the hotel’s spa treatments and recreation areas – swimming pools, jacuzzi, saunas, fitness and cardio. A surprise – additional treatments like hair styling, make-up, lifting and manicure carried out by the Abacosun company, has been assumed with great enthusiasm.

After the training, as befits an accommodation centre for Euro 2012, Scandinavian Express Cup Football Tournament took place. 4 teams competed – “Scandalously Original Drivers” (Drivers), “Tigers of the North” (Transport Subcontractors), “SEX Sport Club ” (The office) and ” Gniewino Team” – the host of the competition. After a fierce battle, fueled by Ladies in the role of cheerleaders, Gniewino Team, ahead of Tigers of the North and Scandalously Original Drivers, won the Cup. SEX Sports Club in spite of sacrificial game took the last position. Judging by the name, the team most likely specializes in a different discipline 🙂

In the evening we all sat down to dinner in the hotel restaurant. There were speeches, flowers and loud “Happy Birthday” to Scandinavian Express CEO, Mrs. Ewa Duks-Szymańska. Party till dawn warmed up dancefloors for a long time before a Spanish team arrival ..

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