"More than just logistics" conference

22.06.2011 8:18

“More than just logistics” conference organized by SCANDINAVIAN EXPRESS took place last weekend in Tricity. This 3 day meeting gathered dozens of participants from Sweden, Norway, Czech and Poland. The conference coincided with the Scandinavian Express 18th birthday, which the company was celebrating as one of the most experienced logistics operator specializing in services to Scandinavia.

The main point of the meeting was the conference “More than just logistics”. Participants had opportunity to see a multimedia presentation and take part in a discussion panel about win-win relation in the field of Transport – Freight Forwarding – Logistics.

scandinavian express
The multimedia presentation has been prepared in a quite new and innovative form – as a computer game layout. It presented in a friendly way all of the logistics processes and full range of our logistics offer. A separate section deals with the presentation of Scandinavian Express truck-fleet including specific truck&trailers functions. That should be a helpful tool for customers with no technical background to understand what kind of service advantages our modern truck-fleet provides. Functional benefits thanks to extendable rear posts, coil lines, double floors or hydraulically steered wheels, now become crystal clear to everyone. Selected parts of the multimedia presentation will be available soon on our web site www.scandinavian.com.pl

After the conference a Scandinavian Express Truck-Fleet demonstration took place. It was a big show of truck&trailers units together with Maritime Brass Band and cheerleaders. One of the most interested points – though not for the guests from Scandinavia, where it is normal practice – was a Euro Combi Unit presentation. This very popular in e.g. USA and Scandinavia unit (also known as “road train”) was prepared by our drivers team by combining Tridem Unit trailer with Complete Standard Unit. Our “road train” with a length of 25.25 m and total weight 60 TON driving around the base was quite a view.

The last point of the demonstration was so called “Trucks Ballet”, during which the cheerleaders led separated 3 tractors units to the beat of marching music. We invite you to see the pictures in the gallery of this amazing and colorful show.

scandinavian express

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