Information on documents flow

17.03.2020 19:00

Due to spread of COVID-19 virus, the expected increase of infections and the possibility of limiting the company’s operations as a result of government decisions, we are asking you for limitation of paper documents flow.

Please be advised that from March 17, 2020, we suspend sending and receiving paper documents, especially transport documentation, and switch to electronic documentation only. This is dictated by the fact that paper documentation (in particular CMR, which are touched by several different people in the transport process) is indicated as one of the potential factors of the CODIV-19 virus spread.

We will return paper documentation to the sender without opening it.

Incoming e-documents should be sent to the address

At the same time, please indicate the e-mail address to which we can send electronic documentation.

The above action is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of our employees, as well as securing the continuity of settlements and document flow in the situation of e.g. office quarantine and the inability to receive or send paper documents.

We count on your understanding and cooperation.

The Board of Scandinavian Express

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