Busy vacation for oversized freight team

28.08.2014 12:35

Our oversized freight department had his hands
full carrying – only in July and August – we had more than 60 oversized transports. These included construction machinery, cranes, railway bridges, footbridges, ready-made kindergarten modules and different  steel structures.


scandinavian express


The heaviest load weighed nearly 59 tons, and the
longest had over 38 meters in length. For comparison, one of the largest cruise
ships in the world RMS Queen Mary 2 has a load capacity of less than 20 tons,
and bi-articulated buses back to approx. 25 meters in length.

In total, during the holiday season we brought loads
weighing more than 1,000 tons and over 700 meters long (Sopot pier’s length is
511 m).

The widest load carried was more than 5 meters. At the
same time it is worth remembering that the width of the lane is approx. 3.5 m.

If oversized freight department completed so many
projects during this summer, then what will happen in the peak season?


scandinavian express



scandinavian express


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