Project cargo

You expect full responsibility at each stage (of transportation)?

On the photo: Port of Gdynia

You cooperate with countries of the Baltic region or import goods from the Far East. For your comfort and peace of mind you want just one freight forwarder to be responsible from start to end for transporting the cargo across the world. Combining smoothly maritime and land transportation gives you the advantage in terms of optimizing costs, but also certainty that your delivery will reach your client.

scandinavian express

Prompt access to the information on your product status at each transportation stage

scandinavian express

Better trade exchange with your foreign business partners

scandinavian express

High quality of logistics service provided to your company is yet another strong argument for your client in your favor

What improves your comfort (and that of your client)?

  • You want to increase competitiveness of your company - comprehensive logistics service will favor you in your client's eyes (maritime mixed cargo and container transportation, land or combined transportation)

  • Your products vary in many aspects - oversize, palletized, small parcels, containers

  • Business model of your company requires regular deliveries and collections - regular sea route Poland - Norway - Poland

  • Your clients require logistics-warehouse service - stuffing or stripping of containers, storing, packaging, labeling, distribution

You care about optimization of logistics solutions?

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