LTL freight

You want your shipment to be not just like many others?

On the photo: A set of tandem truck

Your product travels to Scandinavia along with shipments of other companies. At the same time you want to make your client feel they are the recipient a logistics company cares about most. Not only prompt and timely delivery, but also the highest standards of customer service.

scandinavian express

You product will be delivered in 98.17% of cases on time to a client based in northern Scandinavia even in winter.

scandinavian express

Your product will reach a client within 2 working days.

scandinavian express

Client treated with all due respect on your behalf.

What improves your comfort (and that of your client)?

  • Your client receives a shipment exactly where and when they need it – express, just-in-time, door-to-door.

  • Your product is oversize and cannot be palletized - it will be delivered anyhow.

  • Sometimes you need storage area - transshipment warehouse 24/7 (available for you).

  • Your client wants to unload in front of their house - we will assist with specially adapted lifts.



You care about optimization of logistics solutions?

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