Why is it worth working with us?

Respect, openness engagement and responsibility

these are the rules we follow in our daily basis. This is how we build trust and partnership and create an atmosphere of cooperation. See how we understand these values.



Why is it worth working with us?


Please find out 5 things which will prompt you to want to cooperate with our team!


  • You will receive transparent conditions of employment

Recruitment is always conducted based on the same transparent and clearly defined principles. The decisive factors are experience, knowledge and competence. Each individual participating in the recruitment process is informed about its completion and outcome.

During the recruitment process we never expect candidates to disclose classified information or personal client data from the previous employer, nor do we depend our decision whether to employ them on such information.


  • Make the most of our clear career path

Each employee – regardless of their position – has equal earning and promotion opportunities. Position and career path depend exclusively on employees' diligence, conscientiousness, reliability, commitment to achieve collectively established objectives, knowledge, experience and contribution to the company's development and expansion.


  • You can rely on our partnership, openness and honesty

The main principle of cooperation functioning in our company is partnership. We do advocate freedom and latitude in forming constructive ideas and opinions. Any ideas or suggestions which relate to greater effectiveness of our company can be presented directly to the Board. There are no closed doors in our company.


  • We care about your personal self-development

We support our employees in improving their qualifications and gaining further knowledge. Apart from periodic internal training courses and regular classes of English, our employees have the opportunity of participating in courses and training sessions outside the company.


  • Your Bonus

We care about good health and fitness of our team. Each employee is entitled to private healthcare fully paid for by the company. We have our own running team and we partly fund fitness cards which help you keep in good shape.


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Graduate training scheme

What about if you study and would like to gain some experience? All is not lost yet! We will gladly share our knowledge and introduce you into the secrets of TFL business. Forget about making coffee or learning how to operate a photocopier while working with us. You will learn how each department works, gain experience and broaden horizons.

We are particularly interested in cooperation with students majoring in Scandinavian and logistics studies.

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