Scandinavia almost with no corruption

Skandynawia niemal bez korupcji

This is undoubtedly yet another reason why one should start business with Scandinavian countries. They were ranked highest on the Transparency International report as the least corrupt countries. Strong and deep-rooted ethics values need to be certainly taken into consideration when running business negotiations with Scandinavian partners.

The analysis was conducted on 175 states all over the world in a very simple way. Each country based on the opinion regarding the public sector issued by the world experts was awarded a number of points ranging from 0 (extremely corrupt)) to 100 (no corruption).

Among the top countries (the least corrupt) were Denmark (92 points), New Zealand (91), Finland (89), Sweden (87), Norway and Switzerland (84). Singapore, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Canada were ranked in the first ten, too.

Afghanistan (12 points), Sudan (11), North Korea and Somalia, which got barely 8 points came last.

Transparency International emphasized the fact that none of the 175 countries scored the total of 100 points. What i smore, nearly 2/3 of the countries in question scored less than 50 points. This data is rather alarming and worth considering. The message is - clear there is not a single country in the whole world totally free of corruption in the public sector.

And what about Poland? Our country was awarded 61 points and was ranked 35 in the list. In comparison to previous years, it is evident that the corruption rate has decreased recently: in 2012 it was 58 points whereas a year later 60.


Piotr Krupa

PR Specialist