Transport of automotive subassemblies directly onto the production line of a car assembly plant - a service we have been providing to the automotive industry for years. We are aware that your sector is marked by great dynamics and variety of orders. And we know that a haulier bears immense responsibility, too. Even the slightest delay may cause disruption to the client's production process.

If your client expects a delivery of your components to reach their production line at 20.00 hrs on a scheduled day, your logistics operator must do anything within their power to meet the deadline and avoid idle wait at all cost. Although sometimes a shipment needs to travel about 2000 km in weather conditions beyond our control, we know how to minimize risk and what priorities customers of the automotive industry have.


3 key elements indicated by automotive industry clients:

  • Flexibility– possibility of a haulier's integration with a client's production processes

Transport precision is a decisive factor in cooperation with hauliers regarding automotive logistics. A haulier must take into consideration their system capabilities within process integration with their client and readiness to report cooperation indicators in accordance with the model established in the client's automotive business.

  • Readiness to provide service in supply chain

A logistics operator must be ready at any time to provide service in the whole supply chain. It does not only apply to deliveries of subassemblies, but also to the logistics market of spare parts and returns where the movement of goods is often unplanned, and a unit size of shipment is usually small.

  • Completion of Just in time and Just in sequence services

These are top priority services provided to automotive industry clients. They aim at lowering stock level and thus reducing inventory carrying costs. Other benefits include quality improvement, increased productivity, or greater operational stabilization. They also help cut red tape, simplify planning process or reduce losses.


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